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Insane in the "Tupperware" Membrane

Posted by Silly Mama on

Ok, so other than Twin A sticking his finger in a fan, and scraping the whole side of his torso on the concrete at the water-park, and the dog barfing up the missing part of a chewed-up baseball cap, our third day of summer holidays went swimmingly. In fact, I just can't believe how smoothly it's going.(italics=sarcasm) We had to change our long-set holiday plans in a matter of a few days. What was going to be a big-city, Stampede-filled week, has changed to a last-minute camping adventure on the Washington Peninsula. And so we are scrambling to get camping gear de-smell-ied. The van needs some last minute tune-ups. The dog needs flea meds before we drop him off at my brothers for a week. The ant exterminator needs keys to our house (I know...eek! terrible neuro-interceptor, carcinogenic chemicals in our home...but seriously, I opened that drawer under the sink last night and there were about 10 carpenter ants in there. SOOOOO gross! I say nuke-em!) I have to find someone to water my garden. And the health region called today to let me know my kids are due for some booster-shots. I hate vaccinations. Mix that fun in with three kids who are already missing their school buddies, and a husband who would rather fish than take the van for an oil change, and you have a lovely pre-holiday scenario.

So what did I do yesterday to take a bite out of the list of things to do?

Easy. I rented the Star Wars trilogy. We watched the first one in the morning. The second one in the afternoon. Then we took a break. We went to the splash park, and got some cement rash. We watched the third Star Wars today. (Hayden Christensen is a bad actor. Ewan McGregor is ok. It was nice to see Jimmy Smits again...I miss the old Law & Order)...Every time I say Jimmy Smits, my husband laughs. Not sure why.

Jimmy Smits.

Wait...what was I talking about?? Right...getting ready for our holiday. We also went to the lake and went swimming (and discussed Anakin's decent into darkness, and my oldest wondered how he managed to live after both his legs were chopped off, at which point I wondered if the whole Star Wars thing was a good idea). We went for a long walk to the beach with the dog (who was still trying to gack up some miscellaneous object). Then we set up the slip & slide. Then I made perogies...yes, from scratch.

Huh. I think I might be procrastinating.

At least now I know the difference between General Grievous and Darth Sidious.

I'm even late with my blog. I usually post my blog on Thursdays. I promised myself I would get it done on Friday. Now it's Sunday. At 9pm. I took a shower, vacuumed the living room, drank a margarita (possibly two), changed the laundry...

But no packing. No cleaning camping gear. No prepping. No booster shots. And I'm barely squeezing out words for this blog, and I usually love writing, (and writing, and writing).

Wanna know why? I just can't!


Holy COW! The last week of school was mental. Like insane asylum CRAZY busy mental. CRAZY kids. CRAZY teachers. CRAZY parents. We had a t-ball "Wind-up" right smack-dab in the middle of the final week of school. There were parties and wind-ups of every kind, every day for weeks. I now know why they call them "wind-ups". Because all the kids get together and are fed juice, hotdogs, jello and cupcakes, they get all 'WOUND-UP", and then sent home, in a state of sugar-induced, exhausted insanity.

On a school night.

The day after the t-ball wind-up was "beach day"..."RAIN or SHINE", so the exhausted sugar-overdosed kids could go to the beach all day in the pouring rain to eat more hotdogs and cupcakes and catch a last-week-of-school-before-camping-holiday cold!! The summer cold - a parting gift from your schoolmates! It's like a yearbook. Only it'sss-not.

Especially awesome if you have an asthmatic kid who barfs all night when he has a cough...(summer barfs are 10X worse than winter barfs.)

Yup, school didn't end a minute too soon. Don't get me wrong...I just love my kids' school. And I adored their teachers this year! (BTW...where do kindergarten teachers come from? WHO ARE THEY? They are seriously the AWESOMEST craziest people around).

But good Lord, it felt like the school year, and baseball, and hockey and lunch-making was never going to end. I think I wanted to stab one of those little tupperware sandwich boxes last week. That's why thinking about camping is so painful...just when I thought I wouldn't have to look at plastic containers and utensils for a few months, here we go again! (only this time our house is a piece of nylon, with a zipper door, and in cougar country, no less).

Anyhow. I think I am almost recovered. A few more 8 o'clock bedtimes (for me), some more cold lake swims, and about ten more margaritas, and I should be ready to hit the camping gear.

Now, camping with the kids in a tent for a week...that may take a few more margaritas. I better pack the plastic glasses...


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