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Double Trouble - The Beginning

Posted by Silly Mama on

Being a Mom really is hard work. I remember when people used to tell me it was, and I didn’t believe them. When I had my first son, I continued to question the “parents’ lament”. My pregnancy was wonderful, no morning sickness, no heartburn, no stretch marks ( I know, you hate me, but bear with me here). Aside from the 26 hours of “I am dying via my spine” back labor part, I was out to prove to the whole world that being a Mom wasn’t such hard work after all, and that anyone who thought so was a whiner. I really thought I was “nailing” the Mom thing. My baby boy slept through the night, breast fed like a pro, sat happily in his seat through long lunches with friends. He hit all the milestones right.on.time. We sang to him, read to him, baby Mozart-ed him, took him to culturally diverse events, convinced that even though he couldn’t see farther than 12 inches that he was being enriched by the experience. We read all the books, fed him homemade organic food, and kept evil things like hotdogs and plastic far, far away from our precious bundle. When my son was a year old, I picked up some work from home again, kept a tidy house, visited the zoo three times and week and did crafts every morning. It was all so easy in fact that at exactly the “right” time, we decided to have another baby. This next bundle of joy would be our second and last child. He or she would be a little sibling for our son, and round out our peaceful, perfectly planned little family. And of course, we would parent to perfection like we had the first time, and produce a perfect little human. (thanks for not judging me for being too perfect until you get to the end…) Hardest job in the world? Whatevah! And then it happened…the great humbler, the mighty equalizer, the biggest crow I’ve ever had to eat: I found out I was expecting TWINS, and I found out fast that 98.5% of the “success” we had with our first child was mostly just a fluke…

Double Trouble Part 2

Right from the start, I realized my plan wasn’t unfolding correctly. Morning sickness, migraines, shopping for a bigger car (gasp! A minivan), two of everything, crying, crying, sobbing, stretch marks, 500 ultrasounds, three babies in diapers? (does not compute), Twin A wouldn’t stop spinning, Twin B had a foot jammed in my rib cage for [...]

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Double Trouble Part 3

Five years have gone by in a blur of stinky cloth diapers, spills, the cute baby clothes have turned into stained unmentionables (on both ends). There were so many mistakes made, and so much crying, sobbing, screaming, wiping, (and wiping, and wiping), splats, falls, bruises, cuts, more crying, learning, hugging, laughing, sobs of joy, now, [...]

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This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Two of Us!

The other morning, I was making breakfast and packing school lunches for my three beautiful boys. I was humming along, with that hopeful zest that all Moms have when the day is way too new to be bad YET. My oldest was sitting in an old armchair playing on his DS (thank you Lord for [...]

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The Dishes Can Wait

It's been one of those days where I started out with the best of intentions and slowly, over the course of the day, little crazy things have broken this Mama down. Now I am sitting in my jammies way too early in the night, the sink is full of dishes, and I have no [...]

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Letting Go

I know, this is a parenting blog, but bear with me while I talk about "grown-up" stuff a little more.We have some form of "spreading" juniper in front of our house that has been dying slowly all Spring. I have been trying to save it in vain. I have fertilized, I have watered [...]

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A Cup of Hot Coffee

I was sitting drinking my morning coffee in a silent house this Sunday morning, and realized suddenly that it was already after 7am, and everyone was still sleeping. This is not usual, as my little twin B has been rising early (like 6am is a sleep-in early) his entire life. The silence [...]

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French Toast, Felony and Lost Boys

This morning I fully expected my neighbor to call the police. I was cooking french toast (yes, really...I know...awesome Mom). I had the windows in the kitchen and bedrooms open to let fresh air in. It was 6:54 AM. The neighbour was taking his garbage out, and looked up at our house, shocked, [...]

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Dancing Queen

My point of reference for this blog is baby boys, because that is what I have. Well, they aren't really "babies" anymore, but they are definitely boys. So, I was trying to think about what I could write about in my blog in regards to little girls, because I feel like I am excluding [...]

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Another Day of Stellar Parenting...

I have to admit, that I am not at my sharpest this week. I have one of my old girlfriends here visiting with her two kids, so we have had a few late nights, and really full days. So, when you read this post, cut me a little slack.Yesterday we pulled the kids [...]

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