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“You have twins AND a two year old – you must be crazy!”

Someone actually said that to me one day at the zoo. The twins were still purple people eaters (aka breastfeeding one-month-old bambinos), and my oldest was barely past his second birthday. The stroller I was pushing looked more like the Millenium Falcon than a stroller. It was a flippin’ EXPENSIVE side-by-side double stroller with an eagle-perch third seat for my bigger kid. It had all the attachments: a coffee holder, rain flaps, sun visor,and then all my other mommy crap (that includes me) hanging off of it.So when all three kids were in it, we drew attention. People got out of the way. Often they would give me that sorrowful "better you than me look". Or, on one particular occasion, a lady stood right in front of me and asked a BRILLIANT question like this: “ARE THOSE TRIPLETS??? You must be crazy!” Yes, they are triplets. One is just waaaaay ahead of the other two developmentally. The other two (with the cute, stained, matching onesies that say DOUBLE TROUBLE on them) can’t even figure out how to sit up on their own, but this little star up front, he’s a genius. One month old, and look at the little gaffer, walking, sitting talking, eating an ICECREAM CONE!!!! Ohhhhhhh. That’s right! These are my triplets, and I’m crazy. Now out of the road sister, this Mama needs to get to the hippo exhibit so I can breast feed the other two half-wits in the stroller who can’t figure out how to hold a bottle yet!

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