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Tony Hawk, Pumpkin Lattes and Thrashin'

Posted by Silly Mama on

Fewf! Survived the first couple of weeks of school. Started a new job. All three kids started another season of hockey.

I've got BIG plans. Right now anyway. We'll see how my BIG plans hold up through the "regular wear & tear" of life...

But really, can I just say I LOVE Fall? It's not officially Fall yet, but I am a lover of all things Fall...

Never mind rolling around in fallen leaves, I would roll around in cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie, wool sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I would roll around in (okay, really I only want to eat and smell) anything pumpkin. I feel like I've already talked about how much I love Fall, you guys get the picture. But I just LOVE sweaters and boots...and that feeling the "stuff" is HAPPENING. I pretend to hate change, but I THRIVE in it. It worries me, it stresses me out. And it excites me.

Change is exciting. There is a thrill when you are hanging on the edge of the unknown.

And I miss "exciting", now that I am older and loaded with so much responsibility.

My goal is to keep doing things in my life that make me feel that "excited anticipation" of a child. But it fades, and is harder to find as an adult. You have to seek it out as the reality of life "flattens" everything.

We grown-ups are in danger of becoming a bunch of boring, seen-it-all, been-through-it-all fuddy-duddys as we age. I want to feel that thrill of doing something totally when you are a kid and you ride your bike down the steepest hill ever....

Only I don't want to ride down the steepest hill on my bike anymore. So what can we do to re-live the thrills of childhood without the spills?

EASY! Buy your sons and daughters SKATEBOARDS, and head to the skate-park Mama! Put your (spiked...or not) Pumpkin Spiced Latte in a go-mug, make sure you are wearing some Vans so you (kind-of) fit in. Tell yourself this: I am hip, I am cool, maybe I'm even "RAD".

Lucky for you if held on to all your coolest stuff from the 80's, because ALLELUIA, it's all BACK!

So, put your hair in a sideways ponytail (or, if you are really committed to feeling the thrill, cut it into an a-symetrical bob), dig out your checkered Vans, put some Corey wait, not Corey some Violent Femmes onto the iPod (do not let your children listen to it under any circumstances) and give-er.

Your kids (depending on their age) may not want to "drop in" to the half pipe right away, but you can teach them the fine art of being a "poser" until they get brave enough. In the meantime, to make yourself feel the thrill of being a rebellious teen again, you can try to resist the urge to ask the teenagers to "watch their language" and be the "cool" Mom at the park who is "totally fine" with a bunch of greasy haired weiners dropping f-bombs around your innocent kids. Or, if you are inclined like most of us would be to shut them down...try it this way instead: Borrow one of your kids' skateboards, or better a vintage copy of Thrasher magazine, hold it under your arm, walk up to the potty-mouthed teens and say something like this:

"Dude, like I totally get that your just chillin' and thrashin' with your bros, but your really ruining the mellow vibe at the park,and some of the stuff you are saying is like totally grody, so like, would you mind just putting the baddies on simmer until the groms clear the park? If you guys have a problem with that, I can always call my husband Tony Hawk to come sort it out." (Maybe keep your real husband's cell phone number on speed dial (or the police) in case things don't go the way you planned)

Then walk away (maybe twist your sideways ponytail in a frisky (but not creepy) way. You can even skateboard away...but practice at home first. Trust me - it's not as easy as it was when you were 13.

WHAT A THRILL! And your kids haven't even stood on their skateboards!

Important note: Make sure you do this BEFORE your children hit puberty. Never do this after your child is about, um, let's say 9 years old. My oldest is 8 right now, and he might just "die" if I did this to him now. If skateboarding isn't your scene, this scenario could take place at a BMX track, at your favorite surf spot (go big or go home), a terrain park on the mountain, or perhaps a rodeo?

Seriously though, anywhere we end up, extreme or not, it is a thrill all over again watching my kids explore the world. I can't wait to "thrash" through it with them! And who knows, I may even drop-in to a half-pipe again some day. Maybe if someone bribed me with a spiked Pumpkin Spiced Latte...


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